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5 Essential top packing tips for flying with Bike Boxes and Cases

Most websites have the usual top tips, however, our 5 top packing tips have come from clients using our bike boxes.

Travelling to Southern Europe this spring will provide the best weather for your club cycling holidays or entering Triathlon events.

There’s a large range of bike boxes and cases to buy to suit all budgets.

Generally, bike boxes or cases will only be used once or twice and cost over £450 each with home storage issues.

So for simple economics and environmental reasons, rent don’t buy another plastic product. 

Our small weekly rental fee is a fraction of the buying cost. please look at our reviews.

Burwash Bike Box Hire offers a wide range of hard shell bike boxes and Scicon AeroComfort offering reassuring security, knowing your bike will arrive safely when flying with your bike.

Here’s our top 5 packing tips that will make your life easier when you pack and unpack your bike.

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Tip #1

Disposable Gloves pack a few pairs of disposable gloves.

Once you’ve finished setting up your bike, simply take off the gloves with clean hands then you’re ready for your well-deserved cup of coffee or something stronger..

Tip #2

Derailleur gear protection. Use an old inner tube to pull the derailleur to a fixed position to protect your derailleur in the case.

Importantly, use an old plastic carrier bag to wrap the derailleur.

This will make sure other items you’ve packed in the bike case will not be covered in oil etc.


derailleur protection for Burwash Bike Box Hire

Tip #3

Simply invest in a Bike multi-tool similar to  LifeLine X Tools

This will help with your setup, however, remember to mark your seat post and head-stock. 

Now the Do Not’s.

Co2 canisters for Burwash Bike Box Hire

Tip #4

Do not pack CO2 tyre inflator cartridges in the bike case. Previous clients mentioned incidents when inadvertently packing these. Take these on as hand luggage.

Tip #5

Don’t pack your cycling shoes in the bike case, if the bike case is delayed or lost, trying to find a replacement pair from a local cycle shop won’t match the comfort and fit of your own shoes.

It makes sense to pack these in your hand luggage.

We hope you will find there’s tips of use, further details of our bike box range can be found on our home page. If you need any further help please contact Paul.