Bike Box Rental when planning your trip for 2020

Part of planning your cycle trip starts with choosing:

  • your cycling destination?
  • who your cycling buddies are?
  • what hotel or villa will you stay in?
  • your terrain challenges?
  • Bike Box Rental?

To arrive safely you will need a bike case that will offer the security and peace of mind when flying with your bike.

We offer a wide selection of hard cases and Scion Travel cases at affordable weekly hire options.

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Bike Box Rentals go to Check-In Gatwick your journey starts here!

Preparation and planning saves time

When planning a sporting holiday you should include a bike case when booking your flight.

After spending weeks or maybe months training for your holiday, arriving at your Villa or Hotel and unpacking your bike, you will know that it has arrived safely.

Your excitement starts when you get on your own bike to start your holiday.

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